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Bericht  gary13 op zo sep 19, 2010 1:04 pm

hey there pokemon trainers,
ever wanted to play a pokemoncraft together with your friends and the world?
this is your chance!
pokemoncraft is an mmorpg that means Massively Multyplayer Online Role-Playing Game.
the nintendo pokemon games are rpg's wich stands for Role-Playing Game so you cannot play together with your friends.
i will give a description about the site so you know what you can do on it:

-all the maps are in gen 4 some of them arent implented in the game yet but almost every week you have an update.

-you can choose your own avatar to play from brock to misty to gary even bug catcher.

-you can battle wild pokemon and npc's wich stands for non-player character.

-very cool chat where you can chat with people of different countrys and its a good place to advertise your pokemon and make friends and its controled by people called CM=ChatMaster.

-a cool pokedex where you can find info about the pokemon you want to train or something.

-forum where you can discuss things,you can also tell here if you found an error,...

so why waiting?
register now
if youre going to register watch some videos at this youtube channel it will help you


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