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Bericht  an unknown op vr jun 10, 2011 12:36 am

It was another regular, beautiful day. Daisy wandered in the forrest with just her Growlithe, Umbreon en Pichu. She always felt safe with them. She has a good friendship with them, maybe that’s why Eevee evolved into Umbreon the other day.
Daisy was on his way to the pokemoncenter for her Growlithe, he didn’t feel very well since a while. ‘Pichu, pi!’, Pichu said. Pichu ran off. ‘Pichu?!’ Daisy yelled. She ran after him. While she finally catched up with her, she saw her cuddling a Arcanine. It’s Gary’s Arcanine! Daisy wasn’t so fond of seeing him now. ‘What are you doing here?’, Daisy asked. ‘I go wherever I want to, Dees’, Gary said irritated. ‘Why are you always mad at me?’ ‘I cannot bear the way you raise your pokémon, you should now that by now’ ‘I’ve changed Dees, let me prove it to you’, Gary said hopefully’. ‘Why bother’ Daisy said. And she walked on. ‘Pichu come along, now!’ Pichu hesitated a bit, said goodbye and followed. Growlith behaved even more sadly than first. Daisy took Growlith back into his pokéball and ran off to the pokémoncenter.
When Daisy entered she ran toward nurse Joy: ‘Can you find out what’s bothering him?’ …
Nurse Joy couldn’t figure it out: ‘I’m sorry, he’s really fine, he’s just not happy, you should let him rest for a while and try to find out what’s wrong with him, okay?’
Daisy walked on with her Umbreon and Pichu. Growlithe in his pokéball. ‘Do you think Growlithe doesn’t want to be my pokémon?’ she asked sadly. Umbreon and Pichu tried to talk her out of that thought, but they didn’t know if she believed them.
Gary and Arcanine ran in to Daisy again. ‘What do you want’ she yelled. She began whipping. ‘What’s wrong, I’ve never seen you upset before’, Gary said. ‘It’s not that…, Growlithe doesn’t like me anymore’, she let him out the pokéball. Growlithe appeared. Growlithe looked up to Arcanine, behaved even more depressed. ‘Maybe I know what’s going on’, Gary said proud. ‘Growlith, you want to be an Arcanine huh? Even more you saw that Eevee evolved.’ Growlith nodded heavily. ‘Grow!’ ‘Now what’, Daisy said, not even relieved or something. Gee, Gary knew better again, she thought.
‘Come with me’, Gary said, ‘and thrust me’. Daisy: ‘Whatever, if you find a way to evolve Growlithe, I’ll come along.’
Daisy and Gary started to talk on their way, Daisy didn’t even know where he was taking her. Gary was talking about his way of raising pokémon. He almost lost Arcanine’s thrust and he found out that that was more important than winning all battles. Daisy began to believe him. ‘I see’, she said. ‘That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, but…’ ‘I know, I’m sorry… You’re right’ Gary meant.
‘We’re here!’ They stand before a cave. ‘Uh…’, Daisy murmured. ‘You don’t know what this is huh? It’s a firecave. Firestones can be found there, although they’re rare. But for you and your friendship with Growlithe, it’s worth a try.’ Growlithe became very enthusiastic. ‘Let’s go in!’, Daisy said. ‘And thanks…’, she murmered again. ‘What did you say?’, Gary said… ‘Let’s just call it even’, Gary winked. Gary walked inside first.
They searched and searched, but nothing was found for hours. ‘I’m not giving up’, Dees said. ‘I know’, Gary said.
Suddenly the cave began to shake, like an earthquake! Daisy hold on to her Growlithe and put the other pokémon away. Gary put Arcanine away. ‘You wanna go in your pokéball too Growlithe?’ ‘Grow!’ Growlithe shaked no.
It’s team Rocket. ‘Oh, they’ll not do much luckily,’ Gary said. ‘I don’t know, Gary, we’re in a cave, it’s going to fall right on us. Let’s go outta here, quick!’ Team Rocket stood in the way of getting out. ‘We don’t think so, give us all your firestones you assembled!’ ‘We haven’t got any’, Daisy said calm. ‘Let us out before we all die in here’, Gary yelled to Team Rocket. ‘We’re gonna stay here until you give us your firestones!
Daisy fought with Growlithe harshly and won. Team Rocket blew the cave up with an Geodude they just captured. They went underground. ‘Run’, Gary panicked! Daisy and Gary accidentally split ways and Daisy went out of the cave with almost no harm. ‘Gary, Growlithe!’, she yelled. For almost 10 minutes she waited for them and finally she saw something. It was Arcanine, carrying Gary on his back. Daisy ran to them. Arcanine began licking her face. ‘Gary?’ Gary was unconscious. ‘Arcanine, do you know if Gary has anything in his back, some kind of potion?’ ‘Ar, ar!’ ‘Arcanine… don’t tell me, you’re mine?’ Daisy said happily. ‘Arr!’ ‘You evolved! But first, lets check his bag’. Daisy set up a tent and left Gary in there after giving a potion to him and checking him on wounds. He had some bad wounds, but she figured it was not that bad.
‘Arcanine, are you happy now?’ Daisy asked happily. ‘Arr!’ ‘I’m gonna call you Arcie, you like that?’ ‘Arr, Arcie’ Arcanine said excited.
‘Daisy?’ Daisy heard weakly in the middle of the night. Daisy went and got into Gary’s tent. ‘Gary, you alright?’ ‘Really tired, but I think I’m fine.’ ‘Good, ‘cause I want to thank you without guilt. Growlithe has evolved!’ Gary gave a slim smile and dozed off. Daisy went to sleep too.
Daisy woke up. Pichu came into Daisy’s lap. ‘Hey Pichu, how are you this morning? Quite a shake last afternoon huh?’ ‘Pi, pi’, Pichu said upset. ‘Pichu, why are you that upset? Aren’t we fine now?’ ‘Pi, pi…’ Gary came limping in Daisy’s tent. ‘I heard you talk to Pichu, my Arcanine is awake too and he’s also very nervous’. ‘Pichu have you got a bad feeling about something?’, Daisy asked. That Arcanine that slept with us, is Archie. He was Growlithe, but he evolved.’ Daisy said calm. Pichu shook its head. ‘So you have a bad feeling huh’ Gary said. Pichu nodded.
Daisy and Gary travelled for 2 days to find a pokémoncenter. Nothing special happened on their way. It took so long, because they didn’t now where they were after they quickly escaped the firecave. Finally gotten to the pokémoncenter, they healed their pokémon and slept themselves a good night too. Pichu and Arcanine, however, were still having a bad feeling.
Woken up the next morning, Daisy and Gary talked about their trip. They decided to go separate ways, because Daisy already had a gymbadge Gary had to go to and vice versa. Daisy wondered if they were doing the right thing, because Pichu and Arcanine had such a bad feeling. She discussed it with Gary, then they decided to separate anyway.
After an hour of separation, Umbreon notices the sky turning black as first. Now, Arcanine and Umbreon too, noticing that bad feeling Pichu was having all the time. Daisy immediately felt bad about the separation. Maybe... Daisy noticed a quick shim and there was a lot of thunder and psychic powers going on, however none of them hit Daisy and her pokémon. Daisy closed her eyes because of the thunder and they all got on the ground. When she opened her eyes, she was staring in the eyes of a big wild pokémon. An angry one too. She collapsed, it all became a blur. Daisy remembered her thinking is this all when you die am I dieing what’s happening are my pokémon dieing where will they take me who the heck is they.
Daisy woke up. She was feeling noxious, dizzy. It was cold and the ground and the wall was hard. Daisy tried to open her eyes, but they couldn’t open. When she moved with her face, she noticed some kind of bandage on her eyes or just some kind of rope. She wanted to scream, but that was also impossible. She tasted silk. Daisy panicked. She tried to gain all the energy she had that moment and tried to get up. She couldn’t move a finger…

'What was all that’ Gary said anxious. Arcanine behaved like he was trying to say that was the bad feeling he had. Gary ran immediately towards the place Gary and Daisy separated. From there, he hopped on Arcanines back and let him find her scent.

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